Diary of an Introvert soul….. The incomplete Love!

Day 1..

Crushes are indeed beautiful…

They made you believe that love could be magnificent even if it’s only you who could feel  this magic.

Sometimes.. we have no idea what is the feeling on the other end, still there is that sweetest caress of the thoughts of that special someone and here you want to dance on the rhythm your heart plays..

The only torture you suffer; you are all overwhelmed and consumed by this emotion called love.

 And the funniest part is that other person doesn’t even know that you are head over heels for him. His each and every action affects you like anything and you just can’t help it though.

The way you blush when he smiles at u. those violins playing in the background of course (winks).

In that very moment you own him as imagination can take u anywhere..

He is another reason that i got to show up to the sports club daily, and nothing is cheesy until it helps u keep your fitness on the mark.

Its just the other day I saw this cute guy approaching towards the gymnasium. Yes yes, a girl like me who never finds anybody worth giving a thought finds him quite decent and kinda my types.

At  first, I didn’t give it much attention, It happens when your life just going through a mess that you can’t even figure out what your heart wants so didn’t I.


Day 3…

We happened to cross ways a few times and all I could do is to stare at him like an idiotic dumb ass and must say this is something silliest I have ever get indulged into.

So just today I told all this to my best friend and what she did?? No doubt the evergreen advice you get from your friends on such issues. “you should talk to him yaar. at least just say Hii, she snapped.”


Day 5….

And there I was thinking that I SHOULD START GYMMING, I NEED TO STAY FIT(“.. and stay close to him”, my inner voice teased me). So not surprisingly I was at the gym the very next day. There was no such name I have given to my feelings yet I could watch him all that while without getting bored and sometimes he catches me though and many times it turned to be very awkward on my part.


Day 10..

Now it starts seeming like a part of my everyday schedule to go there, wait for him to come and just to watch him from a far, every little detail about him is overwhelming and cute.

The way his fingers dance into his hair leaving my heart skips a beat every time and that intense look on his face while working out.

And when he just stops and turns his eyes  on  me in between a conversation with someone. (Stop doing that please! I hate being caught while watching you for no reason.)

The way his hand moves when he tries to explain something. And when his lips make that beautiful curve. Boy i know i’m ruined. His smile is just too infectious to keep myself fall for it.


Day 14….

Black suits him though, but that bright red tee he  wore today it made my dream world all colorful.

I start feeling uneasy when he misses to come even for a single day. A single glance at his face can make my day. He is more like a drug to my crazy insane heart and i’m nothing but a druggy all consumed by his charms.

To watch him smiling always makes me go weak in the knees.


Day 18….

Finally, this day came! We got to share a word, actually thanks to him, he initiated while watching me struggling with those deadly heavy weighted plates. He came forward and helped me out. And I was the happiest soul on this earth that day.


Day 21…

 We get to talk sometimes; it feels great on having all his attention on me during that while. At least for a few moments I own him!

He is generous and respectful and this is what makes him special and different from every other creepy guy I’ve ever bumped into.

I didn’t really have known that he is too shy to make even an eye contact while talking. It was damn cute.

Day 30…

Dear crush,

The alone moments when I often catch myself smiling like fools and the reason is YOU!!

They say when you meet someone and it just clicks you on your mind, it’s never a coincidence. And, in your case I don’t really want you to be just another crush, I wish to take it further. I so want to get a fair chance to let you know how I feel about you, for once or may be you could turn out to be my forever. Every day, each moment I want you to know that how much I adore you! Because LOVE is just too underrated to show you what I feel for you.

My friends curse me every day for not being courageous enough to snap it on your face that I love you like crazy.

May be I could or maybe I won’t ever.

To love and get loved back by the same person has never been ideal and it should never be.

I can watch you smiling from a far n still be happy.. I can wish for Your brightest future without being able to be a part of it.

Because I am way too damaged to fall out of love again. And because I’ve decided to keep falling for u everyday.

 Because love is just not about having all d way..!!


your secret admirer!!





The *Fine line* amid Ego and Self-respect… WITHSTAND!!


To the hopeless Romantic young woman,


Love has always meant hearts and flowers to you.

Your prince charming getting down on his knees in front of Eiffel Tower with the most elegantly crafted piece of diamond on your ring finger has always been an ideal proposal.

In this Era of making and breaking ups in the blink of an eye, you are somebody who still believes in PYAR DOSTI HAI ♄

The SIMRAN inside you keeps painting the best version of your own RAJ on the canvas of your trance.

You are a girl who always day dreams about that perfect love story of yours, about a man distinct from any other guy you’ve ever crushed upon and he later crushed down your fragile heart anyway. You are someone who keeps on loving even with those crushed pieces, every bit of it.

And, it happened! He came along from nowhere, a DM notification on Instagram, a decent profile and that cute looking face, Mighty God!! And that flight of fancy took off! The guy sitting across not just the country but the continent yet his words were adoring enough to stir your soul and he managed to stay somewhere deep down in your Heart.

Everything seems just too dreamy to believe but you did, you went on with the booze because he was way too perfect to get a doubt on. He was the Star of that blockbuster film you’ve already produced using your best Karan Johar skills, day and night in your head, He was a dream you saw with open eyes and now it was coming all true in front of those eyes.

 In spite of the distance amid two continents, the spark connecting the souls never ceased to exist. To begin with Instagram, whatsapping and snap streaks played a vital role to feel his presence. The racing heart on every buzz of the cell phone was truly a matter of concern for you mad girl. The constant silly smile on your face with each text was enough to justify the depth of your affection.

Remember the first ever phone call? That intense, manly crisp voice must still be echoing in your ears .The Butterflies in your stomach every time you heard him calling your name. It all seemed perfect, each passing day was bringing more and more new fantasies until the moment your worst fears came true.

The day he finally left you behind all shattered and confused. He left you questioning your own intentions, wondering where did you wrong him?

And reality hit your face one more time! He was far too distinct inside then what was on surface, all Shallow! He wanted all but commitment?

 “I cannot be sure about the future” was his retort.

Your aching heart was now tired of the dark rooms, silent cries and insomniac nights.

 You loved with all your heart and soul and it hurts like hell lot more but what’s next? Are you going to end up crying all your life for that commitment phobic coward creep? Never!!  You have to finally get to know your worth.

You are strong enough to move on, keep on walking with those broken pieces and adjusting that invisible crown on your head, hold it high.

You are a girl who never made compromises with her dignity and self esteem.

This is to remind you young Lady that true love was never been enough to satisfy coward souls. Your love is way too expensive and some cheapsters just cannot afford it anyway.

Commit to your memory, it can be a bunch of frogs you get to kiss before you finally meet your Prince. So many guys are going to come along in the race of setting those fancy dates but it will take only a Royal heart, a Gentle Man to get along with that Perfect proposal of your dreams.

Until then, stay strong and keep yourself busy with your own kingdom, Queen. Love with all your heart but do not let anybody abuse the most pious gesture in the world, the wonderful feeling called LOVE!

Bend low, put the Ego aside when you know it’s the significant half of your soul standing at your door, make him stay anyway but stop before that thin line starts getting blurry and you end up losing your self esteem, your own worth. Stop before you cannot stand your own face in the mirror questioning your decisions. Do not ever lower your standards for just another piece of shit.

Never ever beg anyone to stay who does not realize the worth of your pure soul!










Tune in to the music your heart plays…

What should be the most vital occurrence in one’s life??

Now you’d definitely deem it to be-




Probably your significant other??

Social status!!

and these materialistic possessions are never ending for God sake!

Look within!!

And that’s your retort, your very own self!

No worldly comfort can feed your soul but finding your purpose. Your inner happiness is ultimate matter of concern. You won’t call for riches if your heart cries  for tranquility, and would be longing for contentment in your job than a higher place or power and position. You cannot fill up for family and folks when it’s your own heart that feels hollow.

The most important being for you must be YOU! No opinions or societal stereotypes should drag you down ever. You seek their outlook may be or not, you are going to be judged anyway!

It so doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is your impending foresight, and Your reliance into your dreams.

This is the time to be firm, consistently doing whatever it takes to and to get stick to it no matter how hard it seems. You have to  begin the hunt, For it’s never too late to dream a new dream or set a new Goal.


 So, “Tune in to the music your Heart plays, Plug in and start moving your mind, body and Soul to that Rhythm…”

You are going to win at life!! ♄♄♄




Thank You For Reading Folks 🙂 










First  you  endured  all  that  Pain,

Then  you  conferred  a  Beautiful   Name..


You  were  stirring  up  all  night,

When  I  was  at  ease  to  doze  off   tight..


All  my  screams  surpassed  your  dreams!!


Cooking , cleaning  and  watching over, all  were  your  jobs,

 Never  you  ever  grumbled  for  not getting  the  applauds..


I  grew  up  faster, all  carefree..

Always  been  your  pride  and  that  glee..


Putting up  with  my  Tantrums  you  were  at  your  best,

I  already  got  my  truest  mate,  forget  about  the  rest !!


You  Know  my  Wildest  Chase  and   The  Deepest  Fears,

But  always  believed  in  Me,  never  letting  out  the  Tears..


MAMA !! In  all  those  days  of  despair,  You’ve  never  loosen  hope,

Yet  always  made  sure  that  I  can  too  cope…


Now, the  Purpose  of  my  existence  is  to  never  lessen  your  glow, 

I  only  urge  upon  The  Almighty,  “Let  me  be  your  Shadow” !!


























I  remember  the  day  You  crossed  my  way….

The  hopes  were  high  and  so  bright  was  the  sky….


The  soul  rejoiced  and  those  lips  smiled..

Pain  was  faded  and  dreams  are  now  beautifully  shaded..

The  days  were  shining  and  twinkling  were  the   nights …

Heart  too  believed  this  love  worth  the  fights…

Then,,, this   dark  shadow  came ,,

 oh! It   was   really   a  game …..!!


You  turned  your  face  and  I  lost  that race…!!

Now   the  nights  are  empty  and  dreams   shattered..

Heart   often  asks  me  if  it  really  even  mattered??

It’s   a  memory  that never  dies,

Always  making  the  heart  cries….

It   would  be  all  flourished   if  only   You  could   stay…

Yet….. You’ve  never  ever  shown  up  that  way…..



Dear Zindagi !!!

Untitled DesignSo… How Many times does it not seem too beloved?? Quite often right??

“Expected  a  long weekend and boss called for this meeting”

ohh man ,, life sucks!!

“Had  break Up..” God, Why me?

Ohh.!! i din’t get my “Dream Job”

That  college.!! This Guy..!!

Career Issues..

family  conflicts…

health breakdowns..

relationship failures, and what not for Heavens sake ! It all make us feel vulnerable for every now and then , the result is we keep on cursing our lives all these times and complaining to God, fighting with The Creator for not letting us have it the way we want it, isn’t it?

Well Dear Friends, lets just look at the other side of the fence…

Boss Called??

Because You have this gratifying job of yours, you are entrusted, you have it itself is a reason to plan the weekend or parties !

Break up??

Just because you deserve someone much better!

Folks!! Take a deep breath and look around…

People are starving out of hunger, they are dying cause of illness, Why??

Because they do not have the job you feel tired of doing.. they do not have that money you crave throwing away just for partying! You got this Super healthy body to work with, you can run when some of them couldn’t even walk on their own…

You did not get THE DREAM COLLEGE and they did not even get the EDUCATION..

Remember how you yelled at your mum last time for instructing you, just because she cares…..

“Ohh MOM!! Not Again!!”

Now think of that Kid who even does not know Who a mother is…


It’s the little things that make the life worth living.


SMILE because you can. Work Hard and then Party Harder.

Tell your Mom and Dad that you Love ‘em for One day You’ll look back and they’ll be long gone..

Appreciate what you have while working for Those Could Haves…

The Creator has planned it all.!! He is the Director of Our story, We need to Act upon the script called “Destiny” written by The Almighty , Play your Role the best you can until The Day comes when He Says “CUT”, and it’s all Over….


Because you’ve This One LIFE, and just shout out loud..


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